Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Design Center Selections

Last night we went to the design center to make our selections.  It was surprisingly much easier and faster than expected.  It helped a lot my wife and I were on the same page on just about everything. Here are our selections with a few photos:

Uba tuba granite counter tops with maple spice cabinets
We both instantly chose the uba tuba granite.  We were deciding between that and the sample to the right in the photo, but we both liked uba tuba best.  As for the cabinets, I wanted to go a shade darker, but was talked into the lighter cabinets since the counter top is dark.

Autumn mahogany laminate flooring in the kitchen, morning room, foyer, powder room and laundry
 This was another easy selection.  We both instantly loved it over everything else.

Traditional cherry railing stain (of the two hanging further down, the one to the left)
 My wife was up in the air between the cherry and the other stain thats slid down there.  The cherry instantly popped out at me.  She wins the kitchen cabinets, I win the railing stain.
Vinyl flooring and vanity for the upstairs bathroom and master bathroom
There were so many flooring options to choose from.  Again, we both went to the same style, so just needed to select the final color.  Here's what we came up with.  Originally, we were going with the cheap vanity for the boys bathroom, but after seeing and feeling the sample, we decided to eat the extra $100 and upgrade their vanity to the andover maple.  The base cabinets are so cheap looking and don't look like they'd hold up well to moisture from the shower.
Kitchen sink fixture
Upgrade 1 was included with the granite counter top, only reason we're getting it from Ryan Homes.  The top pulls out as the sprayer.
Bathroom fixtures.  I know, it's turned sideways, tilt your head
Sticking with the base package.  To go up to the brushed nickel finish (exact same fixtures) is a $995 upgrade.  I can run to Home Depot and do it for less than a quarter the price myself.

Carpeting we upgraded to Carpet D and the top 8 lb padding for the family room.  Living room is the base Carpet A and 6 lb padding.  Everywhere else is base Carpet A and base 4 lb padding.  I know it's cheap junk and won't last long, but the cost to upgrade is a rip off.  We can replace the carpeting a couple years down the line for a much better price.

I really wanted a ceramic tile backsplash in the kitchen, but Ryan Homes selection was extremely limited and the price was insane.  On the way home after leaving the design center, we stopped at Lowes and took a look at what they had.  Some beautiful choices and far, far less than what Ryan Homes wanted.  So, we'll do the backsplash tiling ourselves after moving in.


  1. Love your selection! We toured a home with lighter maple cabinets and Uba Tuba and it was beautiful. We also went with the white cabinets for the kids bath and basement bath as I also didn't like the oak included cabinets. Our laminate floor is being installed today and is similar to what you picked. We also chose the traditional cherry stain. If they used the right stain, ours is a bit darker than the sample. However, I really like the way it turned out, so I'm not complaining. If you check out my latest blog post, you'll see a few pictures of it. Can't wait to see your selections in your home!

  2. We didn't even have the option for white cabinets in the bathrooms or that's what I would have chosen!

  3. Your selections look great. We didn't get to choose our railing stain. We also put white cabinets in the kids' bathrooms.