Monday, June 25, 2012

Preconstruction meeting and kitchen lights

Today was our preconstruction meeting.  We met our PM Mike, who was very helpful and great fielding our multiple questions.  We don't break ground until the week of July 9, but since both us and our PM are out of town on vacation next week, we pushed it up to today.  Overall, I walked out with a good feeling, knowing we're in good hands with a guy that really knows his stuff and really makes you feel like he truly cares.  He said "Never, ever feel like you're bothering me.  I don't care if you text me at 3am, I will respond to you the second I look at my phone."

We even got to meet our new neighbor across the street.  His house is the furthest along, being the only one framed yet.  He stopped into the model home to drop something off during our meeting.
There's a lot of activity going on.  His house totally framed, three basements poured, piles of lumber and windows, and another hole dug waiting for concrete. 

One thing we talked about in detail was the under cabinet lights.  I was looking at buying the "hockey puck" type at Home Depot or Lowes, and added an additional receptacle in the kitchen.  But, when the PM and I discussed it, he changed my mind.  Either there's a wire hanging down to the receptacle, or I have to drill holes into the cabinets to get to the receptacle behind the microwave.  Either way, it's hokey.  So, we're going prewired.  It was a $595 add, but deducted $75 for the receptacle I added and about $100 for the purchase of the lights afterwards.  So, a total add of around $400 so that it's done right, worth the price.

Overall, I left today feeling good and knowing I'll be taking our PM up on his offer of always bugging him and visiting a lot!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

We have a buyer!

Yes, the house is sold!  Was on the market 20 days, and after all the traffic and nobody putting in an offer we were starting to get a bit discouraged.  But alas, we got the call from our realtor, two people were interested and wanted to put in offers.  We got the first offer later that night, only $2,900 below asking price, he's willing to rent back to us if needed and no problem being approved for his's the perfect scenario.
We have our preconstruction meeting tomorrow and get to meet our PM.  Things are starting to fall into place.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

We have a date!

Well, my SR called yesterday to schedule our preconstruction meeting.  They're going to start digging a big ol' hole in the ground July 9.  She wanted us to have our precon meeting and meet our PM the week before...however, we're out of town that week, so we're doing it next week.  Yep, exciting stuff.  Thankfully, we won't miss any action as we arrive back from vacation the day before they start work.  Although I wouldn't mind them starting early, I don't want to miss out on anything.

We'll be spending a week and a half in the Adirondacks up in northern New York State, specifically Lake Placid.  It's an awesome little village along a nice lake, surrounded by mountains.  Lots of olympic sites to go tour (the 1932 and 1980 winter olympics were held there).  Just for fun, I decided to post some pics from last year's trip.  The next round of pics to post will be progress on the house!
awesome panorama from part way up a mountain we climbed

This one is the panorama from the summit, Cascade Mountain.  Yes the stitching is really bad, guess I didn't hold the camera still while spinning around.  It was too windy at the summit to use the tripod.  Overall, 5-1/2 hour hike, top at 4,098 feet.  Buned 2,500 calories, so we ate well that night.

A cool bobsled on the sidewalk along the main drag in town

Day trip to Montreal.  What a cool city!  It has a European vibe to it.  Too bad I didn't remember a lot from high school French class.

Bet that would do some damage to your car!

So quiet and relaxing along the lake

This one we cheated, drove up the mountain.  But still, at over 5,000 feet up, you can see a lot!

These guys are insane.  They start off going down this ramp at the top of a tower a couple hundred feet up and I swear they're in the air a good 10 seconds.  Its crazy.  You can see a bit of the ramp at the top left of the picture.

The boys felt such a sense of accomplishment making it to the top of the mountain.  You get past the tree line and it opens up to this huge rocky summit.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Final deposit in, activity on the street

Last night we dropped off the big deposit check.  Now, it's just waiting for NVR to finish up the loan approval and we're ready to go.  Yes, NVR is on week 6 of their quoted "2-3 week process".  Everytime I turn around they ask for another document they didn't ask for originally.
There is some activity on the street for lots bought the month before us.  Few piles of dirt, few foundations poured.  The house across the street it totally framed!  A month ago there was nothing there.  And the lot next to us has a sold sticker.  We have next door neighbors!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Surprised visitors

We had a showing of our current home during the day yesterday.  So, after work I go back to putting back all the stuff I stash away for showings to make our home appear spacious, yet lived in.  Wife starts cooking dinner.  Suddenly, ding dong!  Hmm, who could it be?  My wife answers the door, as I'm coming up the basement stairs with a box of stuff to put back.  There stands a very surprised realtor wondering why we're home.  Evidently she made an appointment with our realtor's office to walk through the house with her client.  We were never notified!  Luckily, the realtor showed up 10 minutes early and the potential buyer 10 minutes late.  It gave us some time to scramble and put away dinner that was halfway cooked and get out of the house!  What craziness.  I called my realtor and her office, letting them know I was not too happy with their snafu.  I didn't have time to get the two cats and their litter out.
She was in and out in less than 15 minutes, bad sign.  However, 20 minutes after we returned home saw her drive by the house nice and slow for a second look...maybe a good sign?  Well, we got the call later last night with feedback.  She was very pleased with us accommodating them during the middle of dinner, said the house showed very well, was a very "sweet home" and was priced perfect.  However, it just wasn't for her.  Oh well.  Has only been on the market since Friday, so can't expect miracles.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Heard from NVR...finally, and home on the market

Well this week marks 5 weeks since our meeting with NVR.  At the time, the loan officer said it would be 2-3 weeks for approval.  I get the email today of a list of things they need to finish the process.  What's annoying is I had all this stuff at the time I was there at the meeting, but she didn't want it.

On another note, our current home hit the market last Friday.  We're officially listed.  Had three people come through so far.  The first was a single mom with a handicapped child.  She really liked the house, but found another with a wheelchair lift already installed.  The second the guy wanted all the aluminum frame windows replaced...nope, not happening buddy.  Haven't heard feedback from the third yet.  We have an open house this Sunday, so hoping for lots of traffic....and an offer!

Let me say, it certainly isn't easy keeping a house in showing condition with two kids!