Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Surprised visitors

We had a showing of our current home during the day yesterday.  So, after work I go back to putting back all the stuff I stash away for showings to make our home appear spacious, yet lived in.  Wife starts cooking dinner.  Suddenly, ding dong!  Hmm, who could it be?  My wife answers the door, as I'm coming up the basement stairs with a box of stuff to put back.  There stands a very surprised realtor wondering why we're home.  Evidently she made an appointment with our realtor's office to walk through the house with her client.  We were never notified!  Luckily, the realtor showed up 10 minutes early and the potential buyer 10 minutes late.  It gave us some time to scramble and put away dinner that was halfway cooked and get out of the house!  What craziness.  I called my realtor and her office, letting them know I was not too happy with their snafu.  I didn't have time to get the two cats and their litter out.
She was in and out in less than 15 minutes, bad sign.  However, 20 minutes after we returned home saw her drive by the house nice and slow for a second look...maybe a good sign?  Well, we got the call later last night with feedback.  She was very pleased with us accommodating them during the middle of dinner, said the house showed very well, was a very "sweet home" and was priced perfect.  However, it just wasn't for her.  Oh well.  Has only been on the market since Friday, so can't expect miracles.


  1. I would have made your realtor give you a gift certificate to your favorite restaurant for ruining your dinner!

  2. Ugh. House showing is not fun. At least you made it out of the house! After the first week or so, I just started living with all those things put away. Finally got bathmats out again after we moved. What a luxury ;)

  3. I feel for you there! I am glad we are done that pain with our old house.