Saturday, April 14, 2012

Moving up the timeline....

We met with our sales rep Sarah today at the model to go through the first cost estimate and understanding deposits and timeframes.  We walked out moving our timeline up by 3 months.  The plan was to close in January because of bonuses from work coming at Christmas time to use for closing.  Ryan doesn't own the land, some developer does and Ryan Homes has to sell a certain number of lots by a certain time to be guaranteed exclusive rights to the next phase.  So, because of that Ryan is being very aggressive in their pricing and incentives.  The Florence starts at $183,000 with a free morning room if you go with NVR mortgage.  That plus 3.875% interest rate, how can I not?  The free morning room offer ends after April, plus our rep said prices are going up about $3,000 a month.  7 lots were sold in March, 2 were sold this month already, leaving only 17 left.  We really, really, really want one of the wooded lots and I'm afraid holding out will cause us to lose a wooded lot, lose the free morning room, lose the low price or lose all of those.  So, we talked it over, did the math and found we can shuffle money around and make it really happen now!  We're supposed to have an appointment next week to walk through the lots and pick one.  Who knows, we may be putting down our first deposit in a week.  I figured next spring we'll be in our new home, but now it looks like we'll be trick or treating in our new home!!  It's an exciting and nervous time.  Stay tuned.....


  1. Good luck with your decision. Hope the timing works out for you!

  2. I wish you the best of luck from what I can see its the development looks pretty secluded....Were ready to build but were striking out with the lot we picked