Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Delayed update

So it's been a while since I've updated what's going on.  It's been a busy, stressful and emotional time lately.  We fully moved out of our house over the weekend and now living with the in-laws until the new house is done.  Our old house closed yesterday, so there's some other person living there now, which is such a weird feeling.  I guess technically we're now homeless, no place to call our own.  I'm very grateful my in-laws took us in for 6 weeks and disrupting their lives, but at the same time, it's such a weird feeling, like you're a guest in the place you live.  So, we had to say goodbye to the first place we had together as ours, bought the house at the age of 22 right out of college.  We had to say goodbye to the only home our children ever knew.  My younger son burst into tears the final time we left and said goodbye.

On top of that, during all of this, there were a bunch of layoffs at work, including my work partner and best friend.  I now have to do the job of two people, the emotions of her losing her job, worrying about how she'll support her family and children, the feeling of rejection.

So, anyways, onto the house.  There hasn't been much progress since the pre-drywall walkthrough.  They finished insulating and the ductwork and furnace have been installed.  I did remember to take a couple pictures.  Remember the exterior lights fiasco from my last post?  Here are pictures:
See the light to the left?  That's supposed to be there.  See the light to the right?  That was supposed to go at the front door.  Freebee for me!

See the lack of a light?  The electrician will return to add it.
 Here's an update on the interior:
Family room.  Fireplace is behind the cardboard.

Looking into the kitchen/morning room

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  1. Score for you Charlie R on the extra light!! Yay! I understand that weird feeling! With our first house we had to move into my niece apartment for six weeks until closing. Are you going to be able to pick out your slab on Tuesday or just see the colors that are coming in? They told us we cannot pick however we can see what the color looks like. It changes from day to day because they can only cut approximately 7-8 counter tops from one slab. What color is your granite? Have fun Tuesday, would love to hear about your experience.