Thursday, August 30, 2012

Drywall, granite and kitchen cabinets

Another visit to the house revealed drywall is hung upstairs and a big shipment of kitchen cabinets has arrived!  Photos below are from Monday evening.  Tuesday we had our granite meeting with the countertop people.  I wasn't sure what to expect.  I guess I thought they'd have a few slabs from different sources and we could pick which shade of Uba Tuba they had.  They seemed to be a smaller outfit.  They only had 2 slabs of Uba Tuba, both from the same source so they looked identical.  Turns out they both have my name on it.  The sales rep there went over what the seams would look like, talked about pitting and fissures that naturally occur in stone and showed what the reveal would look like where the under mount sink is. 

They didn't drywall the loft as of Monday evening.  You're looking at the backside of the kids' bathroom and our closet.

Our room looking towards the door into the closet.

Boxes and boxes of kitchen cabinets...Andover Maple Spice

This little piece of granite.  Not sure where it goes.  The main slabs were at the shop not yet cut as of Tuesday night.


  1. Replies
    1. Uba Tuba. Its black with different colored specs

  2. Think I figured out the granite that arrived. I think it goes around the fireplace.

  3. The ubatuba granite is pretty! It actually has a green undertone. I chose it for our wet bar because the absolute black was way over priced. We can visit the warehouse for a fee; however, we cannot pick the slab. I don't understand why they would charge the fee if we cannot pick it out. More on this on my blog post. Glad your visit went well!!

    Charlie, join my site so that I can follow your progress. I have to search for your sight through other bloggers. I would love to keep up with your journey.

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