Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Prepping for the predrywall meeting in two days

Pre-drywall is scheduled for 7:30 on Thursday morning, so tonight we went to the house to go over everything to be totally ready.  Forgot the camera, unfortunately.  I looked over locations of outlets, switches, cable, etc.  I'm thinking I'm going to ask for the cable in the living room moved over a few feet to fit with our planned furniture layout.  All others look pretty good.  I checked over wiring to be sure the sheathing wasn't torn while pulling through studs, all looked good.  I checked to be sure all the ductwork was sealed properly between fittings, again all looked good.  Looked to be sure the fittings on the PVC piping had a good amount of PVC cement, again looked good.  The flex exhaust off the one bathroom fan upstairs is pitched kinda awkward.  It takes a sharp turn up, then hangs off a strap under the roof truss, then heads outdoors.  My thought is because the attic space is cold, the air in the flex duct will get cold, the moisture in the air from the shower will condense, and because of the sharp pitch up will drip back down once the fan is off.  I'm going to see if they can run it flatter along the ceilling rather than how they have it now.  I'll try to take a picture next time I'm there.  If anyone else ran into odd things for their pre-drywall meeting and has any advice I'm all ears.


  1. Good Luck Charlie R! I wish I knew everything to ask for at these meetings so I am doing lots of research. I plan to hire an inspector for the novice in me. However, some of the simple things like moving a switch from the garage to the mud room are workable; but our PM doesn't like doing custom work. He claims he must stick with the blue prints. Sorry I don't have any suggestions, but I believe Thomas (Ravenna Speed) has a comprehensive list on a tab on his blog.

    1. Hi Charlie R! Please join my site at ricknadase.blogspot.com! I would love to follow your journey, but your blogs will not show up without you joining my site. I have been missing out on your updates. Thanks a bunch!

  2. If you are not already following Thomas' blog, definitely check this out: http://ravennaspeed.blogspot.com/p/final-walk-through-checklist.html

    Also, here's a little advice I gathered in July:

    Major take-aways for me:
    --Get photos or video of each wall in each room so you know where future wiring is
    --If you want additional blocking to add mounted TVs or even hang heavy mirrors, now's the time to ask
    --Review switch placement so you know what goes to what, and if you want anything moved

    Good Luck!