Tuesday, September 4, 2012

First home purchase...many more to go

Made our first home purchase over the Labor Day weekend...refrigerator.  Just couldn't pass up the deals this weekend and let it slip away.  Got this Samsung refrigerator for $1,100 off regular price!  Went to Best Buy because they had the best deal, but they were out of black.  So went to the other side of the shopping plaza to Lowes, asked them to match the price and they did!  They're going to hold off shipping until we know the closing date, but we got the awesome price.

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  1. Beautiful Refrigerator!! I tempted to get black appliances it is so beautiful.

    Hi Charlie don't forget to join our site! I am missing your posts!! I just stumbled upon them from someone else's page. Would love to keep up with your progress. Thanks.