Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Frustrated with no progress and delay after delay

Well I haven't been posting much since there isn't much to talk about.  That and I'm so annoyed with the whole process I just don't want to revisit it by blogging.  Well, way back when we wanted to close the beginning of October for various reasons.  Ryan Homes said "sure, ok we can do that."  So they held off starting our home until early July.  Well, July they break ground, going on and on about the 70-90 day process.  Our PM said over and over how there would be NO issues with finishing the first week of October, and it would most likely be the last week of September.  Things were moving along great until the drywall came.  The drywall sat, and sat, and sat some more.  Finally, the PM said "Ok, we had an issue with our drywall crew, but we have another crew coming and they will have the entire house hung in a day, I promise."  That day came, no progress.  A couple days later drywall started.  Whole house in a single day sounded quite aggressive, and turned out to be unrealistic.  They hung the second floor ceiling and a couple walls upstairs only.  Eventually, they finally hung all the drywall.  Took them almost two weeks do tape, mud, sand all the joints 3 coats.  And they still hadn't touched the garage.  PM calls, apologizing for the delays, they were new drywall guys, now it's looking more like the second week of October.  Painters were supposed to come over the weekend to start priming.  Nope, they didn't show over the weekend.  No paint Monday, or Tuesday.  Get another call from the PM, saying the painters came, saw issues and needed the drywall crew to come back and correct some items.  Ok, delaying again.  Well painters did come.  Since then, there hasn't been much progress at all.  Was told flooring was to start mid last week and granite was coming.  Well, as of Sunday night, no flooring, no granite, and all the walls were marked up with more corrective action for the drywaller and the painter.  Now, we get a letter saying closing October 22, which by the lack of progress, its still a bit ambitious.  I called my PM talking about how we keep getting delayed and delayed because of issues with his subcontractors and he needs to do something to make up this schedule a bit so we can at least close on the Friday before, October 19.  He promised ot make it happen, but since that promise the only work done was painting the trim work and staining the railing, which was the sloppiest staining job I ever seen in my life.  There was absolutely no care taken.  So, to even hit the October 19 closing date, everything has to be completed by October 17 for the final walkthrough, yes two weeks from tomorrow.  In that time the following is what needs to be completed:
-laminate flooring
-vinyl flooring
-fixing drywall issues
-fixing painting issues
-hang doors
-install granite countertops
-finish joint compound in garage
-install light fixtures
-install toilets
-install pedestal sink in powder room
-pipe up bathroom and kitchen sinks
-install sink fixtures
-install hot water heater
-pipe gas to hot water heater
-install all receptacles and switches
-run all wiring to the electrical circuit breaker panel
-hang shelving in closets
-install smoke detectors
-install all exterior lights
-final coat on railing
-install dishwasher
-install stove
-install microwave
-install garbage disposal
-final cleaning

There's no way all of this can get done in 11 business days, even if they are aggressive.  By the show of progress in the past month, it's looking more like late November.  So now, that October 19 date isn't looking at all like it can happen.  I'm in limbo with what schools to send my kids to, when to turn on utilities, when to start homeowners insurance, when to hire movers...all of which they need advanced notice, but I have no idea when it will be.  I can't live in my in-laws house much longer.  I just want my own home again, with my own freedom, my own space, doing what I want to do when I want to.  I'm tired of the false promises, I'm tired of the lack of progress.  I'm tired of the generic excuses.  Houses that started a month after me have caught up to me and are going to passing me soon.

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  1. I feel your pain Charlie...We went through a very similar experience