Monday, October 8, 2012

Progress and the home stretch

My last post was weeks of frustration of nothing getting done and our closing date slipping by two weeks.  I was getting nervous it was going to slip again.  But, I have to stay they really stepped up last week and made a lot happen.  Here's what got done in the last 7 days:

-All light fixtures installed
-Circuit breaker panel wired
-Power on throughout the house
-Garage drywalled
-Granite countertop installed
-All plumbing fixtures piped up
-Hot water tank installed
-Sanitary piping installed
-Air conditioner and refrigerant piping installed
-Laminate flooring complete throughout
-Carpeting complete throughout
-gas to fireplace complete

Here's what's left:
-towel bars
-exterior light post
-1/4 round trim around laminate
-touching up paint
-final cleaning

So it seems we are on track for the Oct 17 walkthru and Oct 19 closing.  Less than two weeks to go!  Here are some progress photos:

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