Friday, October 12, 2012

Closing Friday?

We are back on track, at least from the building process.  Ryan Homes is on track to be finished Oct 17 (Wednesday) and close on the 19th (Friday).  Now we have a new issue, just found out 2 days ago that NVR will not be ready.  And it's the stupidest excuse....the loan officer quit and the one taking over needs stuff that HAS ALREADY BEEN SENT TO THEM!!!  This is why they need to push closing back to the monday the 22nd, yeah meaning we have to wait until the following weekend to move in.  I'm so freaking annoyed and pissed.  We were supposed to be in 2 weeks ago, becasue Ryan had issues with their drywallers it was pushed back 2 weeks, now because NVR is incompetent we have to go back now to a 3rd week?!  Really?  So, first thing yesterday morning I sent everything they asked for hoping we can rush this and not push back.  I hear nothing, so I ask again "are you all set?"  I hear at 3:45 pm "Oh, yeah I'll look later today what you sent and let you know if I'm all set"  What the F have you been doing all day?  They screw up, then sit on their ass, and the only one that gets hurt from this is me.

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